Alexander Königs


Songwriter and Composer

Music is magic...

Little Girl


Little girl with the golden hair

turned my head with her beauty flair,

took my breath when I saw you first,

when I thought that my heart was burst.


See the man that I was before,

kept my feet tightly on the floor

I had loves never asking why

but with you I learned to fly.



You are the ruin of men, with your smile and your ocean-blue-eyes,

I will love you until my last breath on the day that I die.

You’re my sun, you’re my rain, you’re my soul, even better than whisky and wine,

I’m the luckiest man here on earth to say that you are mine.


Little girl turning night to day,

picking flowers `long your way,

taking things always easily,

never asking what will be.


paint the world without any doubts

keep your head above rainy clouds

tomorrow is too far away,

live your fantasy today.




I remember so well when I met you first and I tried to explain how to see,

Now you teach me the words and the wonders, and explain it to me.

And you show me the way how to do, show me all my ways back through your eyes,

I will love you, my dear little darling `till the day that I die.


Little girl shows me how to love,

start the day with your smile and laugh,

show me how to ease the pain,

life’s not more than just a game.


feel some breath of eternity,

life is chance – it’s not destiny,

the day I leave - you will have to stay -

that’s the only written way!




When the curtain is falling I will hate it to leave you behind,

take my hand and my love, little darling and bear it in mind.

Stand the facts on their heads, do whatever you want, I will love you whatever you do,

take my heart, my dear little daughter, because I love you!




Eine Liebeserklärung an meine kleine Tochter Isabel

8. Juni 2010 / 00:00 (!)



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